My Last Meals

I just got home from a last-minute food run. In case we are off somewhere where we don't have access to food I am taking some bars and other foods that I love. On my way back I stopped at Sonic for a final Route-44 Ocean Water, which I know I will be missing very much on my trip! Tonight I am also going to bake homemade chocolate chip cookies and eat at Hunan Inn to get in my favorite foods before I leave. I am very excited and anxious about seeing what food the "mammas" have in store for us! I have been informed that we will have 2-3 native women, also called "mammas", who will be cooking for us throughout our escapade. We even get to take turns helping them prepare our meals! This will be such a great way to learn about their culture and learn about what foods they eat and how to prepare them. This is one part that I am really looking forward to! I love cooking, and hopefully I can take a recipe or two to bring back home to share with my family!
I have less than 24 hours until I am officially on my way to Africa! Today a friend of mine informed me that he will be on the same flight as I on his way to Greece! We both take a connecting flight through Amsterdam, so I am really excited that I have one more person I get to see before I leave for Tanzania!
I have been lugging my camera around everywhere I go and I think I have finally gotten the hang of it! I have been practicing shooting in different lighting, shooting moving objects, and also trying to take 'artsy' pics; successful or not, I am learning!
Tonight I will finish putting all of my belongings in my backpack and duffle bag. I will also have a trial run to see if I can even carry it all by myself; I hope I can! I feel like tomorrow cannot come any slower. I have been anticipating this day for over a month now and it has left my mind not once this whole entire week. Friday, come sooner please!

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